SlideUpLift Launches Presentation Themes: A ready-to-use solution for business people

As a busy business professional, creating presentations on the fly can often be a chore. Be it customers, investors, management or even your own team – everyone wants you to present yourself well. A good and engaging presentation builds confidence in ideas and shows the audience the dedication you put in the effort and builds respect for you as a professional. Indeed, effective presentations can make a huge difference between being successful on the one hand and walking around in circles on the other. Easier said than done? Running out of time or skills to make presentations that really convey the story you want to tell?

Or maybe not. Enter SlideUpLift.

SlideUpLiftAs a leading provider of presentation tools, has found the perfect solution to this problem – presentation topics. Presentation themes are pre-designed, expertly designed, content-rich presentation decks curated by industry experts. Think of these as a collection of master slides tailored for a specific situation. Examples of these situations are quarterly business reviews, a discussion of business proposals, a project launch, a business case meeting, and so on in a variety of situations that professionals routinely face. SlideUpLift’s presentation themes provide a complete presentation to cover the subject area that should be addressed for these situations. For example, a project kick-off deck (which is a must before starting a project) should include a project charter, timelines, project steering, RASCI, an interaction plan, etc. Business professionals can use this framework to formulate their thoughts and ideas in a way that is easy to present.

These presentation topics already follow industry standards and wisdom curated by management consultants with decades of experience. This protects you and your team from missing important information for your customers, investors or stakeholders. This is a safe way to step up your delegation efforts, knowing that the team is considering the various facets of the presentation requirements.

Topics save business people a lot of valuable time and simplify the process of creating presentations.

So much for the function. For presentations, however, the form is equally important: All SlideUpLifts PowerPoint themes are carefully designed using optimal color theory, font use, shape selection and appropriate proportions. Vision Science experts at SlideUpLift understand how the audience is processing and receiving the messages and designing slides that are appropriate for the purpose of the communication intent.

Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Change Management Strategists, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and other business professionals can find that most of their presentation needs are met by SlideUpLift’s extensive collection of easily downloadable and 100% editable presentation themes. These themes were created for both Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, the industry standard for creating presentations.

SlideUpLift is committed to providing the most innovative and effective solutions for the presentation needs of every business professional and is constantly adding new themes and templates to its already extensive collection. Visit to browse the new presentation theme additions and find the perfect presentation theme or powerpoint deck for any business need.

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